Still learning

The team are learning a lot from mothers and counsellors. After having trouble with Google Hangouts, we made a series of short tutorial videos, complete with motion graphics. These tutorial videos however were far more than was needed; the ABA counsellors needed just simple step-by-step instructions. The final videos we created were simple and single shot videos with our UX designer narrating the steps in plain language.

Participant and new mother Sarah-Jane Bailey has experienced trouble nursing due to her son Patrick’s micrognathia, (his jaw is too far back) and he is unable to latch properly. Sarah has since successfully breastfeed after video calling ABA counsellor, Cate for advice on latching. Great work Sarah-Jane, Patrick and Cate!

Forging a community

Upon starting the trial, the Australian Breastfeeding Association volunteer counsellors and participant mothers have been sharing their experiences on the trial’s Google+ Community. This includes best practice, technical troubleshooting and other tips for both mothers and counsellors alike. ABA counsellor, Lynn Ng wrote a particularly in depth troubleshooting post, outlining what she learnt during her first shift and leaving tips for other counsellors.

The participants have shown a great sense of community and mutual support already, just a few days into the trial. The feedback is invaluable not only to the trial participants, but to the team behind Breastfeeding Support Project who have worked tirelessly to improve the program.